Whitewater Roll Clinic

This past Tuesday, 13 Alaskan women came together for a whitewater kayaking roll clinic that I organized taught. It turned out to be an extremely warm, gorgeous day! Who would have thought I’d be with a group of amazing women wearing bikini’s in a lake in Alaska rolling kayaks? Not me! Not in bikinis at least! But there I was and I was pumped to teach these girls the basics of whitewater kayaking.

Kelly, Peggy, Olivia, Liz, Katie & I

Kelly, Peggy, Olivia, Liz, Katie & I

Here is the article I wrote for SheJumps…

We started off the clinic by learning how to properly outfit yourself into a kayak. From there we all got on the water and learned different paddle strokes, plus when to use them on the river. After paddling around the lake for a bit, we partnered up and learned how to hip-snap, the key element in rolling a kayak. Once we got use to this, we progressed into flipping up-side down in the kayak and hip snapping from there using our hands on our partners boat. From there came the roll. There were 3 other instructors (Kelly Rinck, Liz Powers & Tracy Kulesa) there to get in the water and help each lady work through the steps of rolling. The clinic was a huge success, all of the ladies were really excited to have the opportunity to do this. Plus, they were able to take a jump and push themselves in a comfortable & safe environment to do something rather intimidating.