Whitewater Kayaking in Ecuador

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This November into December I spent a month traveling around Ecuador with 2 of my long time girlfriends Nicole Mansfield and Kristi Murrin. Nicole and I managed to get on the same flight in Miami to Ecuador. As I arrived to the terminal to see Nicole passed out on the floor, I looked over her to see both of our beloved kayaks – Pyranha Burn and the 9r – being loaded onto the plan to Quito, Ecuador. Success! Our boats are on the plane! It’s happening! After arriving in Quito,... Read The Rest →

150 Mile River Trip through Canyonlands National Park

photo: Meg Smith

This fall, Nick Langowski and I took a 150 mile river trip down the Green River into the Colorado River. We launched from Ruby Ranch, Utah to begin our journey through Canyonlands National Park. Being in the desert was a treat to us. Finally, we don’t have to wear a drysuit! Warm weather and sun on our skin! In Alaska, that is hard to come by. As we started to head into Labyrinth Canyon, there was a feeling of total bliss and freedom. We were on a 14′ raft loaded for... Read The Rest →

SheJumps – Whitewater Kayaking on Six Mile Creek, Alaska

SixMileCreek - SheJumps - 1

On Sunday, August 10th 2014, I organized and brought together a group of 10 amazing women, few of which knew each other, to paddle Six Mile Creek in Alaska. Six Mile is a beautiful river located on the Kenai Peninsula, that offers class II-V rapids. Females of all abilities were welcome and thats exactly what we got!  There was a wide range of experience from beginners to expert whitewater kayakers that joined on the sections they felt comfortable paddling.                     We started off... Read The Rest →

SheJumps Whitewater Kayak Roll Clinic

SheJumps Kayak Roll Clinic - Kelly, Peggy, Olivia, Liz, Katie and I

This past Tuesday, 13 Alaskan women came together for a SheJumps Far North whitewater kayaking roll clinic that I taught. It turned out to be an extremely warm, gorgeous day! Who would have thought we’d be with a group of amazing women wearing bikini’s in a lake in Alaska rolling kayaks?! Here is the article from SheJumps… We started off the clinic by learning how to properly outfit yourselves into a kayak. From there we all got on the water and learned different paddle strokes, plus when to use them on... Read The Rest →

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